How it Works

Batch & Thyme produce small batches of restaurant-quality meals, portioned to suit your household, and frozen as soon as they are cooked.

Choose Batch & Thyme and eat nutritious, delicious food, every night.

No food waste, no compromise, just delicious meals delivered, wherever you are in the UK.

Step 1: Build your box

Choose how many delicious chef-prepared meals you want to be delivered to your home per month, 6 or 8 and how many people you will be feeding, one or two.

Step 2: Choose your menu

We have an ever-expanding menu, choose from our current 16 dishes which cater for all different dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free & dairy-free.  We like to cook with ingredients at their best so expect to see some changes with the seasons!

Here are a few example of dishes that you can expect to see throughout the year.

Slow-cooked beef ragu with pappardelle

This delicious rich slow-cooked beef dish simmers away for hours to allow the beef to shred & melt. It's served on pappardelle which may just be the king of all pasta topped with Parmesan. YUM.

Sweet potato & chickpea katsu curry

This is our take on the traditional Katsu Curry, we've created a more delicate flavour and combined it with a colourful mix of veggies to create the perfect vegan dish.

Mushroom & cashew bourguignon

Here is a modern take on the French bistro classic, this mushroom bourguignon is simmered with lentils & cashews which is hearty & delicious and perfect for a mid-week quick dinner when you have 100 other things to do.

Thai green chicken curry with courgettes & peas

This dish like most Asian curries has a great depth of flavour. The sauce has many layers from all the ingredients in the paste which are then simmered in coconut milk. Perfect replacement for the Saturday night takeaway at the fraction of the price!

Chicken, bacon & mushroom pie

Is there anything better than a homemade pie?! This dish filled with creamy chicken, crispy bacon & sautéed mushrooms is topped with golden puff pastry, everything you need for a cosy night in.

Aubergine parmigiana

We love this classic northern Italian recipe and can’t wait for summer so it can come back on the menu. The layering of aubergine, tomato & mozzarella is perfect, a scrumptious gluten-free dish.

Step 3: Flexibility

All our plans are completely flexible, you can change, pause, or cancel your subscription box anytime.  Going on holiday, that’s ok you can skip a month.


What if I’m not in?

No problem – our boxes are insulated by wool and chilled with ice packs, keeping your items frozen. Your box will be left on your doorstep or in your designated safe place.

How does my subscription work?

You will receive a delivery once a month approximately 5 working days after your subscription renewal or you can choose your date. You can choose your menus as soon as your box has been delivered. Your payment will renew on the same day you sign up for your first month.

How do I recycle the packaging?

All our packaging is either reusable, recyclable or compostable. Our meal trays, slips and film are all recyclable. Pop the ice packs in the freezer & reuse them however they do freeze at -24 so handle with care.

How do I cook my meals?

We recommend a mixture of microwaving for 8 minutes and oven cooking for 50 minutes from frozen. Each dish has specific cooking instructions for it, some dishes are oven only. The instructions are a guideline as all appliances vary. Check food is piping hot before serving.

But does freezing reduce the quality?

No! Freezing is the best, oldest form of preservation there is and is why there is no need for added preservatives or nasties in any of our dishes. By freezing our dishes we can consistently ensure we’re giving you the highest quality every time.

How do I know what next month’s menu is?

You can log into your account here at any time & choose the following months menu in ‘Upcoming Menus’. Simply add the dishes you would like to our cart & check out. You will not be charged anything at this point this is just to choose your menu, your subscription renews automatically.