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19th April 2022

Check out this amazing community, so much great advice.

8th April 2022

Here’s another dish which is quick & easy, perfect for a quick lunch or a side dish to a yummy B&T!

22nd March 2022

Need some inspiration? We love this ottolenghi recipe, give it a go this weekend!

21st March 2022

It’s great to be featured on such a fab group.

11th March 2022

Being more creative in the kitchen can be scary, take a look at Helly’s top tips of how to make cooking fun.


22nd Feburary 2022

There’s what Bounce Magazine had to say about Batch & Thyme.

Why frozen

25th January 2022

Frozen food has come a long way since it landed on our plates in 1954. We’re often asked ‘why frozen’, here are our top 3 reasons.

Top 10 gift ideas this Christmas

14th December 2021

Struggling for gift ideas, here are our top 10 suggestions of presents, subscriptions & all things kitchen.

Help your body prepare for winter

8th November 2021

Autumnal vegetables are healthy, cheap and easy to prepare. So now is the perfect time to enjoy them!