Why frozen food?

Frozen food has come a long way since it landed on our plates in 1954. We’re often asked the question ‘Why frozen’ and here we’ve created a wheel of all the benefits of why to choose the frozen options.


Here are our top 3 reason why we’re starting a revolution towards frozen food.

1. Frozen food is nutritious.

A common myth we’re always hearing is that frozen ready meals are bad for you.

NEWS FLASH: Firstly, frozen food is nutritious… flash freezing actually locks in flavour & nutrients. Numerous studies comparing frozen and fresh vegetables found no difference in nutritional content. Freezing is the best, oldest form of preservation there is and is why there is no need for added preservatives or nasties.   

Secondly take your standard supermarket frozen meals, they aren’t bad for you because they’re frozen. They’re bad for you because they are unhealthy to start with. If you mass manufacture food that’s full of preservatives & substitutes then freeze it, all that nasty stuff is still in there when you heat it up. However, if you take nourishing, wholesome food and freeze it, then cook it — you get nourishing, wholesome food out the other end.

2. Frozen food offers convenience.

Filling your freezer full of fabulous food is convenient.

We all have busy lives and plans can change constantly, as a result meal prepping can be tricky.  Choosing frozen food gives you the flexibility over your meal planning.  All the homecooked meals can be stored in the freezer until you’re ready, whether it be a weekend treat or a quick working lunch.

It is also a timesaver from, planning, food shopping, meal prepping, and most importantly kitchen clean-up.  All-in-all, minimal effort is required – winner.

3. Frozen food longer shelf life & means zero household waste

Did you know every year in the UK nearly 6 million tonnes of food from households end up in landfill?  According to the BBC 20% of the food we buy in the UK is wasted.  They say every day 20 million slices of bread, 3.1 million glasses of milk, 3.1 million slices of cheese, 4.4 million potatoes & 920,000 bananas end up in our bins.

It sounds simple but freezing food extends the shelf life, this means you can keep your kitchen stocked with food without worrying that it will go off and be wasted.  Filling your freezer with delicious, wholesome ready-made meals helps to cut any unnecessary waste.

So, there you have it, our top 3 reasons to fill your freezer this winter.  Check out our latest menu and start stocking up now.  Did you also know that you can buy one off bundles?  So you can try before committing to our monthly subscription… give it a go.