Top 10 Gift Ideas This Christmas

The Christmas count down is now on so here are our top 10 gift ideas for this year.

1. Microplane

Here we have one of the most underrated kitchen utensils & our absolute must-have in the kitchen, whether grating cheese, garlic, nutmeg or rind it does it to perfection. Exactly what you need when adding extra parmesan to your B&T prepped meals, it is Christmas after all.

You can buy them in a few stores but John Lewis do the full range, no idea how you choose just one! Prices start from £27.00.

2. Pact Coffee Subscription

If you are as much of a coffee addict as us then you need Pact in your life. We love receiving a different blend of their delicious coffee in our subscription box every month. This is the perfect gift if you're trying not to buy unnecessarily, you can choose whole bean or ground, the frequency of the delivery and subscriptions start from £6.95 per month.

3. Kenwood hand mixer

Short on space in the kitchen but still want to whip up meringues? Well, you need one of these in your life. No mixing task is impossible for the Kenwood Handmix Lite Hand Mixer. With 450 W motor power and five-speed settings, the mixer will easily get through cream, cake batter and even the bread dough, perfect for those days when you're feeling particularly wholesome & what to knock up some bread. There are lots of options but prices start at £25.00.

4. The Meater

Nervous about how to know when your meat is ready? We have the perfect gift for you. Remove the guesswork with MEATER, the smartest cooking thermometer for your BBQ and kitchen. It comes with an amazing app that will notify you when your food is cooked to perfection, we promise you there'll be no dry turkey's this Christmas. Prices start from £79.00.

5. Momo Kombucha

Beat the post-Christmas blues with a case of MOMO Kombucha, you can arrange a one-off delivery, approximately £26.50 per case or a monthly subscription. There are four delicious flavours: Ginger-Lemon, the most popular; Turmeric, the personal favourite; Elderflower, the most refreshing and Raspberry-Hibiscus, the perfect alcohol alternative.

This amazing drink is born in London, raised in a small glass jar and is in their own words - Kombucha is packed full of naturally occurring probiotics that aid digestion and help maintain balance in the body’s internal ecosystem. It also contains healthy organic acids, antioxidants and vitamins which increase energy, support joint health, reduce blood sugar levels and act as a natural detoxifier.

6. Anna Jones - ONE Pot, plan, planet

We are absolutely obsessed with this book and think everyone should have it in their kitchen. There are over 150 recipes alongside dozens of ideas for super-quick one-pan, one-tray suppers. The recipes are perfect if you're trying to pack in your 5 a day and maintaining a healthy balanced diet and a perfect gift for someone.

7. Pots for Tots

For all those busy parents out there give yourself a break this Christmas with the help from Pots for Tots. They're a homemade food delivery service for babies, toddlers & young children, their food is packaged in little pots and delivered to your door. They create nutritious meals full of fresh seasonal food to create nourishing meals for your little ones. Delivery of 8 meals will cost about £30.00 and you can choose to receive a delivery weekly, biweekly or monthly.

8. Thermomix

Ok so this might blow the budget (they start from £800.00) but my god it's worth it. This wonderful piece of equipment caramelises, sous-vides, ferments, cooks rice, blends to name a few and the best part... self-cleans. Need I say more...?

9. L'Atelier du Vin Oeno Motion Corkscrew

Ensure fast and easy opening of wine and champagne bottles this Christmas with this elegantly crafted piece. The black slender body leads towards a solid walnut wood handle for a rustic touch. The ergonomic design is so pleasing. Presented in a special gift box packaging with a spare wire this is a special gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, starting from £125.00. And is perfect for those who are part of a wine club & get wine delivered monthly.

10. Batch & Thyme Monthly Subscription

And last but not least why not give someone you love one of our food boxes filled with wholesome & nourishing home-cooked meals. Fill their freezer with tasty frozen pepped meals which will save them time in the kitchen. All our dishes are made from the freshest ingredients & flash-frozen to lock in nutrients. You can buy meals for one or two and either send them a gift voucher so they can choose their own meals or send them a bundle of some of our best sellers, prices start from £39.00.

So there we have it, our top 10 suggestions of gift ideas, happy shopping.